The iResentment

Since I’m rather Late To The Party on joining the iPhone cult (I bought my first one ever today) I’m going to summarize the reason for my tardiness in the hope that you don’t report me to HR. It won’t happen again Sir/Ma’am.

Steve Jobs “open letter” above, written nearly 5 years ago, set off a rather cantankerous battle between “us at Adobe and them at the Fruit Company”, which made it rather precarious to be doing my job as a corporate loudmouth for Adobe. The video and audio products I worked on were tightly interwoven with teams at Apple, and what we were doing together had nothing at all to do with Flash and consumer devices. Nonetheless, we were at war on one front and peace at another.

My instinct to finish that paragraph above was to try to draw a comparison with Hitler and Stalin, but then my brain said, “no. Wrong idea, Bobby.”

There is more to this story than Steve Jobs let on. Adobe’s Flash technology could potentially enable developers to circumvent Apple’s “walled garden” that provides unparalleled user experience while simultaneously ensuring that Apple gets their cut off the top of all app and media purchases. This pissed us off, and there were emotions at play. At an event I spoke at in Singapore where there was a local Apple representative there to kick off the event, there was a disagreement between he and I as to whether he was allowed to promote Final Cut Pro in his talk. Getting into business arguments in other cultures without having a local at your side is not something I recommend ever doing. Nothing too bad happened, let’s leave it at that.

There are certain inner workings of any tech company that those in the “circle of trust” can’t reveal, so what led to me and numerous others at Red A to be issued Android phones is something that I’m not allowed to get into here. It was the first touchscreen I got to know intimately beyond the physical BlackBerry keyboard that I was able to type like a mofo on up until then. The realities of my role leading software development on mobile platforms forced me to experience what we were building myself, so I sent off the corporate requisition and a few days later had me an Android.

Yes, I had iPhones at my disposal for testing then, and have continuously had them on hand for that purpose ever since, but never as “my phone”. The 3 or so Andriod phones I’ve owned have served me just fine. Nothing horrible, nothing great.

Everything changed two weeks ago. My “top of the line” Motorola Droid Razr HD started randomly taking me off mute during phone calls when the UI said I was muted. The first time it happened on a conference call was embarrassing. The second time I had enough. The last firmware update Verizon shoved down my throat a few months ago screwed the pooch, and the phone has been laughably unstable ever since.

Apple made it too easy. 10 minutes on their website, a 20 minute cab ride to the Apple Store on Chestnut St, and 15 minutes after that I was sending the first text off of the thing to my wife.

The burden has been lifted. The monkey is finally off my back. I can move on with my life now. This thing is so frikking amazing.


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